Frequently Asked Questions

A platform offering US customers a service to cook live with highly skilled chefs from around the world.

Simply find the dish you want to cook, either on our Facebook page or website, click on the shop/ book now button and be taken to the calendar of the chef offering that dish. Pick the time you want to cook and book it. It’s that simple! You will get a confirmation email confirming date, time and preparation steps.

Every chef will have their own recipe, style of cooking. Upon booking, you will find all ingredients on the chef’s calendar. You will also be sent a reminder email confirming the ingredients required. Some ingredients do not have quantity as we leave it up to you to decide how spicy, mild, sweet or salty you prefer to have the dish. So please ensure you have plenty at hand should you need a couple of scoops more.

Typically yes, all ingredients would need to be out prior to the start of the session (including utensils, pots or pans). Should there be any need of cutting, this will be specified in a follow up email by the chef, or mentioned explicitly in the ingredients list.

A video conference link will be provided at the time of booking, as well as a reminder before the event. Please click on the link to start the session. The chef will join you there. You will need to have your camera on so that the chef can see your workstation.

It’s totally up to you. All we ask is that you position your electrical equipment in a safe location, with the camera pointing to the workstation where you will be preparing the food and cooking. The chef will require to see the cooker, so that he/she could moderate the temperature of the flame.

Don’t worry if this happens. The chef will make every attempt to call you back. If he/she is unable to due to poor network connectivity (within a reasonable time, say a couple of mins) they will message you the rest of the steps. If your food is on a high or medium flame, we suggest you put your burner on low heat until the network connection issue is worked out. 

Don’t panic, slow down, listen to directions attentively. Remember you are working with chef where English is not their first language, so it takes time for them to process information. To have the most enjoyable experience, relax, slow down and enjoy the cooking process.

We have zero policy for inappropriate behavior, and that goes both ways. If you find the chef to be ill-mannered then please report to customer services at [email protected]

Unhappy with the results. Don’t leave us a bad review, give us another chance. Feel free to contact customer service at [email protected] to let us know what happened. We strive to get things right. It’s a learning process. If you don’t give us feedback we’re unable to better ourselves. If you have fantastic things to say, don’t shy away from giving us feedback. You will get an email to complete a survey, and feel free to leave us feedback on our Facebook or Instagram page.

Absolutely this service is for you. This service caters for the most inexperienced cooks to the most experienced. We prove that absolutely anyone can cook.

Yes you can. You can reschedule at no cost within 12 hours of session start time – how amazing is that!
You can also change the dish you want to cook. If the dish you want to cook is with the same chef then don’t worry you can let them know what you want to cook when you join the call. Just have the right ingredients prepared, as shown on the booking page.
If the dish is with a different chef please go ahead and make the new booking. Let us know at [email protected] and we’ll take care of the rest. We will cancel the original booking and provide you with a refund.
We take data privacy very seriously, Do not share personal contact details with the chef, and likewise do not ask this of the chef. Do not overshare your camera, the chef is expected to see your workstation, the ingredients, the cooker and nothing more!
Please communicate any data privacy questions to [email protected]