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Remove boundaries between cooking.
Cook Fresh. Cook Anytime.

Our Story

The Cook ‘N You is a platform dedicated to those who simply love food.

Whether you’re starting out cooking, or looking to reach new heights in cooking, this platform aims to serve you. Founded by Syed Ahmed Hassan, a well traveled ‘foodie’, a critic whose palate puts him on par with some of the best chefs out there, knows of high quality food when he sees it. Ahmed comes from humble beginnings, born and raised in the UK from immigrant parents of Pakistan, Ahmed has his mother to thank for exposing him to rich flavorful food. In the mid 90s, London became the melting pot for high standard Pakistani/Indian food and England now known as the ‘curry nation’. I would go as far as saying that the standards and richness in flavor was pretty close to the country of origination. When Ahmed moved to Seattle, US in 2012, he found a big gap in Pakistani/Indian food. The food being served up was nowhere near authentic and no matter where he traveled within the US, he could not find the same standard in Pakistani/Indian restaurants. It was in 2017 when Ahmed traveled to Hyderabad India where he was surrounded by such flavorful, mouth watering food that he dreamt of an idea of bringing this home to the US. 

A Few Words About Us

Cook ‘N You aims to provide the US market with authentic chefs who are willing to teach Live 1-on-1 through video conferencing. No group setting, work at your own pace in your own time for the fraction of the cost as what you would pay elsewhere. You will be offered techniques and insights into each cuisine. Get a glimpse of the history and at the same time perfect your own skills. 

Our Mission

Remove boundaries between cooking.
Cook Fresh. Cook Anytime.

Authentic Chefs

Chefs that are making a name for themselves on Cook 'N You

Each chef is hand-picked based on their expertise and how deliciously they cook. We've vetted hundreds and this is what it boils down to (like the pun 😊) They have extensive experience in the area that they cook in and teach you the tips and tricks of the trade.


Do you have what it takes?

Contact us with a short summary of your professional profile and skills, and we'll get back to you

Chef Shujaat

Chef Shujaat is one of Pakistan's rising talents, not to mention one of Cook 'N You most honored chefs.

Chef Zainab

Local to Seattle. Zainab is a master cook for all middle-eastern dishes. Her dishes will leave you licking your fingers.

Chef Jahanzaib

Taught by multiple head chefs in fine chinese cuisine, chef Jahanzaib has got an aromatic flair about him.